Find out when to open and close a trade based on volume analysis

10 analytical tools help you analyze supply and demand and speed up the search for assets by up to 16 times

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  • Analytical platform

    Analytical platform

    Explore supply and demand in the market with clusters. A cluster is an x-ray of the volume of transactions for each asset in specific price and time ranges. Visualization of order flow and volumetric market profile will enable you to multiply your deposit

    • Make trading more systematic and defined with RTT

    • Improve the quality of the selection of the trade ideas

    • Make effective financial decisions

  • Online University

    Online University

    Here you can learn to look at the market deeper than conventional thinking. Through detailed interactive lessons, you'll learn what a cluster is and how our analytical platform helps you to evaluate liquidity

    • Learn to find liquidity, calculate risks and assess the real demand for the asset

    • Solve problems using real market examples and improve your trading strategy

    • Learn with a professional mentor

  • Financial Social Network

    Financial Social Network

    Becoming a part of Resonance gives you access to a community of professional traders. In chats you can watch the communication of market players, discuss ideas and get answers to your questions

    • Share anomalies and discuss ideas in real time

    • Experienced traders will help you understand the fundamental laws of the market

    • Find like-minded traders all over the world

Get access to visualized order flows from 15 major exchanges

You'd be surprised at how simple the market is

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  • Anton

    It's nice to see that there are people who look a little deeper than the framework of conventional thinking. You don't need to pump money as most do, you need to give people something that will help solve problems, in this case "trader's vision". I enjoy using Resonance with great pleasure and look forward to updates.

  • Alex

    Four months of struggling with technical analysis, signals, channels, training, I could not stop thinking that it was all "plastic", artificial. I realized that I need to work with the market through its mechanics, but there is not enough useful information on the web. Thanks to you I realized how deep the rabbit hole is.

  • Serg

    Took the training not too long ago. This is a godsend! I never trusted TA, so I left trading for later. But your methods of market analysis convinced me. I'm glad that I found a confirmation of some of my thoughts about TA on your platform.

  • Xxx

    The whole Resonance team is incomparably the best in the crypto trading space. I am extremely lucky to join these people and the community they created! Thank you very much for your attention to everyone and for being there at all.

  • Tony

    Private platforms collect a lot of functionality, but that which relates to cluster analysis looks completely unreadable. After trading with Resonance, I realized that I could hardly do it any other way. It is a great shame to spend years drawing lines and signals from indicators.

  • Captain

    Now I only enter a position after analyzing the RTT. Finally, I'm trading in the black. 16% in two weeks net.

  • Irka777

    Thank you for what you do. The most adequate service, the most adequate method of analysis, the most logical and sensible group. Thank you to everyone who has already become a master in supply and demand analysis and also helps newcomers.

  • OlgaK

    How cool it is in the chat room - it's impossible to tear yourself away! So much useful and clever stuff I picked up. Thank you all for the questions and discussions. It just started piling up))

  • Lukas

    I want to thank the channel, admins and owner. Market Delta and Cluster Chart are top 🔝 I didn't retrain from patterns to volumes. And got acquainted with crypto with Ark. With the right Risk Management + Rtt you can easily make +10% to depo. I hope everything will work out for everyone)) Thanks a lot ☺️

  • Snupppp

    Initially, I was here more as an observer and did not see much point in getting into it, because I thought that my trading strategy was the right one for me. And yet, after months of watching and learning, I concluded that without such an understanding of the market as I have here, I was a player with one eye. Now I can't afford to open a trade without a platform a priori!

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