Find out when to open and close a trade based on volume analysis

10 analytical tools help you analyze supply and demand and speed up the search for assets by up to 16 times

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  • Automated
    volume search
  • Limits
    auto search for orders
  • Aggregation
    of trades across all currencies
  • Free
    cluster chart
  • Analytical platform

    Analytical platform

    Explore supply and demand in the market with clusters. A cluster is an x-ray of the volume of transactions for each asset in specific price and time ranges. Visualization of order flow and volumetric market profile will enable you to multiply your deposit

    • Make trading more systematic and defined with RTT

    • Improve the quality of the selection of the trade ideas

    • Make effective financial decisions

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    Get access to visualized order flows from 15 major exchanges

    You'd be surprised at how simple the market is

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    It's nice to see that there are people who look a little deeper than the framework of conventional thinking. You don't need to pump money as most do, you need to give people something that will help solve problems, in this case "trader's vision". I enjoy using Resonance with great pleasure and look forward to updates.


    Four months of struggling with technical analysis, signals, channels, training, I could not stop thinking that it was all "plastic", artificial. I realized that I need to work with the market through its mechanics, but there is not enough useful information on the web. Thanks to you I realized how deep the rabbit hole is.


    Took the training not too long ago. This is a godsend! I never trusted TA, so I left trading for later. But your methods of market analysis convinced me. I'm glad that I found a confirmation of some of my thoughts about TA on your platform.


    The whole Resonance team is incomparably the best in the crypto trading space. I am extremely lucky to join these people and the community they created! Thank you very much for your attention to everyone and for being there at all.

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